Essential Oils for Liver Supporter:

Essential oils that may be help in supporting liver functions.

In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle, avoiding alcohol, fatty foods, and lack of exercise, there are a number of essential oils that have been traditionally and medically recognized as being supportive to liver health.

  • Rosemary essential oil is beneficial to the liver as it helps to cleanse the blood and flush harmful toxins from the liver. One of the liver’s most important functions is to produce enzymes needed for proper digestion and Rosemary is believed to stimulate the production and flow of bile which aids digestion. It has a tonic effect on the liver, encouraging it to work more efficiently and it is often used in the treatment of liver problems including cirrhosis and jaundice.
  • German Chamomile is another excellent tonic for the liver and digestive system. It stimulates the liver and gall bladder which helps to improve digestion and it also helps to cleanse the blood and discharge toxins via the liver.
  • Peppermint essential oil also stimulates healthy bile flow from the liver and gall bladder and supports the digestive system as a whole.
    • Carrot Seed

      Carrot Seed

      (Daucus carota)

      Aroma Description: Carrot Seed Essential Oil smells earthy, woody and warm. It is considered harsh/unpleasant by some.

    • Goldenrod


      (Solidago canadensis)

      Aroma Description: Balsamic, Fresh, Slightly bitter, Strong, Woody

    • Greenland Moss (Labrador Tea) Ledum

      Greenland Moss (Labrador Tea) Ledum

      (Rhododendron groenlandicum)

      Aroma Description: Earthy, Fresh, Herbaceous, Medicinal, Woody

    • Guava Leaf

      Guava Leaf

      (Psidium guajava)

      Aroma Description: Citrus, Exotic, Sensual, Sweet, Warm

    • Juniper Berry

      Juniper Berry

      (Juniperus communis)

      Aroma Description: Juniper Berry Essential Oil smells crisp, woody, sweet and earthy, with an almost hidden fruity note.

    • Lemon


      (Citrus × limon)

      Aroma Description: Lemon Essential Oil smells similar to fresh lemon rinds except that it is more concentrated.

    • Orange, Sweet

      Orange, Sweet

      (Citrus × aurantium)

      Aroma Description: Citrus, fresh, fruity, and sweet. Its aroma is similar to that of orange peels but is more concentrated.

    • Peppermint - English

      Peppermint - English

      (Mentha X Piperita)

      Aroma Description: Camphoraceous, Cool, Fresh, Minty, Soft, Strong

    • Rosemary


      (Salvia rosmarinus)

      Aroma Description: Fresh, herbaceous, sweet, and slightly medicinal

    • Turmeric


      (Curcuma longa)

      Aroma Description: Earthy, Rich, Slightly musky, Spicy, Warm, Woody

    • Turmeric, White

      Turmeric, White

      (Curcuma zedoaria)

      Aroma Description: Earthy, Fresh, Green, Slightly bitter, Warm

    • Verbena, Lemon

      Verbena, Lemon

      (Aloysia citrodora)

      Aroma Description: Citrus, Fresh, Herbaceous, Lemony, Slightly floral, Slightly spicy, Slightly sweet

    • Yarrow


      (Achillea millefolium)

      Aroma Description: Yarrow Essential Oil smells sharp, woody, herbaceous, fruity and somewhat sweet.