Verbena, Lemon Essential Oil (Aloysia citrodora)


Verbena, Lemon may also be referred to as Lemon Verbena, Lippia Citriodora. It is typically processed using steam or hydro distillation as a method for extracting oil from the leaves.

Essential Facts

  • Aroma Description:

    Citrus Fresh Herbaceous Lemony Slightly floral Slightly spicy Slightly sweet

  • Common Name(s): Lemon Verbena, Lippia Citriodora
  • Synonyms(s) for Aloysia citrodora: Aloysia sleumeri, Aloysia triphylla, Aloysia triphylla f. serrulata, Lippia citrodora, Lippia triphylla, Verbena citrodora, Verbena fragrans, Verbena triphylla, Zappania citrodora

  • Botanical Family: Verbenaceae
  • Botanical Genus: Aloysia
  • Chemical Family: Aldehydes, Monoterpenes
  • Perfumery Note: Top/Middle
  • Indigenous Country: France
  • Cultivation: Distiller is Certified Organic
  • Processing Methods: Steam or Hydro Distillation
  • Part Typically Used: Leaves
  • Shelf Life: 3 - 4 years
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced Ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Organic Organic
  • Vegan Vegan

Essential Details

Benefits & Uses

Therapeutic Benefits of Verbena, Lemon:

Analgesic Anti-bacterial Anti-depressant Anti-fungal Anti-inflammatory Anti-microbial Anti-oxidant Anti-rheumatic Anti-septic Anti-spasmodic Anti-viral Calming Febrifuge Immuno-stimulant Liver Supporter Sedative Stomachic

Other Uses for Verbena, Lemon:

The aroma has inspired writers to in an effort to capture its essence, both crisp and relaxing at the same time. Due to its strong aroma, lemon verbena is used in perfumery, as well as a flavoring in baking, jelly making and preserving. The flavor has been compared to combination of licorice and camphor.  It is widely used as an herbal flavoring to replace oregano, particularly in fish and poultry dishes.

Flavor Enhancer

Cautions & Safety

Safety Precautions for Verbena, Lemon:

Drug interaction, teratogenicity, skin sensitization, may be mildly phototoxic. May interfere with diabetes medication. Use caution on hypersensitive, diseased or damaged skin. True Verbena oil is subjected to extensive adulteration with oils such as lemongrass, lemon & citronella Lippia citriodora is restricted by IFRA because of its skin sensitization in some people.


Botanical Description of Verbena, Lemon:

A deciduous perennial shrub that grows up to 5 meters tall. It has a woody stem, pale green lanceolate leaves that are very fragrant and small pale purple flowers that grow in terminal clusters and bloom in August.

Energetic, Spiritual, and Emotional Qualities


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