Greenland Moss (Labrador Tea) Ledum Essential Oil (Rhododendron groenlandicum)


Greenland Moss (Labrador Tea) Ledum may also be referred to as Bog Labrador Tea, Rusty Labrador Tea, Labrador Tea, Hudson's Bay Tea, Muskeg Tea, Greenland Moss, Ledum groenlandicum. It is typically processed using steam or hydro distillation as a method for extracting oil from the flowers, leaves.

Essential Facts

  • Aroma Description:

    Earthy Fresh Herbaceous Medicinal Woody

  • Common Name(s): Bog Labrador Tea, Rusty Labrador Tea, Labrador Tea, Hudson's Bay Tea, Muskeg Tea, Greenland Moss, Ledum groenlandicum
  • Synonyms(s) for Rhododendron groenlandicum: Ledum canadense, Ledum groenlandicum, Ledum latifolium, Ledum palustre subsp. groenlandicum, Ledum palustre var. latifolium

  • Botanical Family: Ericaceae
  • Botanical Genus: Rhododendron
  • Chemical Family: Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes
  • Perfumery Note: Middle
  • Aroma chemistry: The main chemical constituents of Labrador Tea essential oil (Grrenland Moss) are monoterpenes, sesquiteroenes and bornyl acetate. Limonene, sabinene, ß- selinene, bornyl acetate
  • Indigenous Country: Canada
  • Cultivation: Distiller is Certified Organic
  • Processing Methods: Steam or Hydro Distillation
  • Part Typically Used: Flowers, Leaves
  • Shelf Life: 5-6 years
  • Vegan Vegan

Essential Details

Cautions & Safety

Safety Precautions for Greenland Moss (Labrador Tea) Ledum:

Greenland Moss essential oil is to be used by seasoned aromatherapists.  It is a very powerful essential oil.

Traditional Folklore

Traditional Folklore of Greenland Moss (Labrador Tea) Ledum:

For Native Americans, the Ledum plant was a must and a cure all.Greenland Moss essential oil has a natural affinity for the immune system and has been known to be an effective immune system supporter.According to our Canadian distiller, it has been used in cases of liver intoxications originating from a circulation disorder,  mild liver insufficiencies, after-effect from viral hepatitis, enteritis and flatulence. It is also known to be used to treat toxemic nephritis, microbial nephritis and infectious prostatitis.Labrador tea esssential oil has been effective in easing insomnia, nervousness, solar plexus spasms, and thyroid imbalance.According to Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Greenland Moss essential oil is one of the oils Dr. Giraud-Robert uses frequently for Hep B and C patients and in support of patients undergoing conventional treatments like chemo or radiation. According to Dr. Giraud-Robert the oil counteracts blood toxicity and reduces elevated liver enzyme counts. Dr. Schnaubelt recommends this particular essential oil for liver and kidney detoxification. He also recommends it not for treatment of severe illness,  as well as during the recuperation process for general support.This essential oil is also  recommended by Dr Schnaubelt as being effective for  nausea and vomiting during chemo.   It seems to reduce pathologically elevated levels of transaminase and gamma-GT enzymes.