Tuberose Essential Oil (Agave polianthes)


Tuberose may also be referred to as Polianthes tuberosa, Tuberose Absolute, Tuberosa. It is typically processed using solvent extracted as a method for extracting oil from the flowers.


Tuberose Absolute is an exquisite, highly fragrant floral oil that is most often used for perfumery and natural fragrancing work. It blends beautifully with other floral absolutes and essential oils, and it also blends well with essential oils within the wood, citrus, spice, resinous and earthy essential oils.

Essential Facts

  • Aroma Description:

    Exotic Floral Sweet

  • Common Name(s): Polianthes tuberosa, Tuberose Absolute, Tuberosa
  • Synonyms(s) for Agave polianthes: Crinum angustifolium, Polianthes gracilis, Polianthes tuberosa, Polianthes tuberosa f. plena, Polianthes tuberosa var. gracilis, Tuberosa amica

  • Botanical Family: Asparagaceae
  • Botanical Genus: Agave
  • Major Compounds: (E)-Methyl Isoeugenol, Methyl Salicylate, Benzyl Benzoate, Methyl Benzoate, Hexadecanoic Acid, Oleic Acid, 1,8-Cineole, Methyleugenol
  • Perfumery Note: Middle to Top
  • Consistency: Medium
  • Strength of Initial Aroma: Strong
  • Color: Deep Orange/Golden Brown
  • Indigenous Country: Mexico
  • Processing Methods: Solvent Extracted
  • Part Typically Used: Flowers
  • Vegan Vegan

Essential Details

Benefits & Uses

May be benefitial for addressing the following ailments:

Anxiety Depression Insomnia Muscular aches and pains Nervous Conditions / Tension Stress

Therapeutic Benefits of Tuberose:

Anti-anxiety Anti-depressant Anti-spasmodic

Other Uses for Tuberose:

In India and Bangladesh they are widely used in making flower garlands which are offered to the gods or used as wedding ornaments. While once associated with funerals, it is now used in floral arrangements for other occasions. In Indonesia, tuberose flowers are also used in cooking.

Natural Perfumery

Cautions & Safety

Safety Precautions for Tuberose:

Do not take any oils internally and do not apply undiluted essential oils, absolutes, CO2s or other concentrated essences onto the skin without advanced essential oil knowledge or consultation from a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. If you are pregnant, epileptic, have liver damage, have cancer, or have any other medical problem, use oils only under the proper guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Use extreme caution when using oils with children and be sure to first read the recommended dilution ratios for children. Consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using oils with children, the elderly, if you have medical issues or are taking medications. For in-depth information on oil safety issues, read Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young.


History of Tuberose:

French Queen Marie Antoinette used a perfume called Sillage de la Reine, also called Parfum de Trianon, containing tuberose, orange blossom, sandalwood, jasmine, iris and cedar.