Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil (Copaifera officinalis)


It is typically processed using steam distilled as a method for extracting oil from the gum/resin.


Copaiba Balsam is steam distilled from the gum/resin of Copaifera officinalis, a tree that is native to Brazil and parts of South America. It's a lesser known botanical and oil, and I'm still getting acquainted with its intriguing aroma and applications.

Aromatically, Copaiba Balsam Essential has a deep, rich, earthy, grounding aroma. It can be used as a fixative in natural aromatics in place of Oakmoss Absolute. This is especially appealing since Oakmoss Absolute possesses a high risk of skin sensitivity.

Emotionally and spiritually, Copaiba Balsam Essential is calming, balancing and grounding.

Essential Facts

  • Aroma Description:

    Earthy Resinous Sweet Woody

  • Synonyms(s) for Copaifera officinalis: Copaiba officinalis, Copaifera jacquini, Copaiva officinalis

  • Botanical Family: Fabaceae
  • Botanical Genus: Copaifera
  • Chemical Family: Sesquiterpenes
  • Major Compounds: B-Caryophyllene, a-Copaiene, delta-Cadinene, Gamma-Cadinene, Cedrol
  • Perfumery Note: Base
  • Consistency: Medium
  • Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium
  • Color: Light Yellow
  • Indigenous Country: Brazil
  • Cultivation: Wild Harvested
  • Processing Methods: Steam Distilled
  • Part Typically Used: Gum/Resin
  • Shelf Life: 8 years
  • Wild Harvested Wild Harvested
  • Vegan Vegan

Essential Details

Benefits & Uses

May be benefitial for addressing the following ailments:

Bronchia Bronchitis Colds Coughs Stress

Other Uses for Copaiba Balsam:

Natural Perfumery

Cautions & Safety

Cautions when using Copaiba Balsam:

Tisserand and Young do not indicate any special precautions when using Copaiba Balsam. However, reading Tisserand and Young's full profile is recommended. [Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, Essential Oil Safety (Second Edition. United Kingdom: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2014), 259.]

Safety Precautions for Copaiba Balsam:

Do not take any oils internally and do not apply undiluted essential oils, absolutes, CO2s or other concentrated essences onto the skin without advanced essential oil knowledge or consultation from a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. If you are pregnant, epileptic, have liver damage, have cancer, or have any other medical problem, use oils only under the proper guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Use extreme caution when using oils with children and be sure to first read the recommended dilution ratios for children. Consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using oils with children, the elderly, if you have medical issues or are taking medications. For in-depth information on oil safety issues, read Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young.

Energetic, Spiritual, and Emotional Qualities


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