Rosehip CO2 Total Extract Organic / Essential Oil (Rosa canina)


Rosehip may also be referred to as Dog rose. It is typically processed in Bulgaria, Chile, Bosnia, Argentina or Lesotho using co2 total extracted carrier oil as a method for extracting oil from the hips (fruit) or seeds.


Rosehip CO2 Total Extract Organic is soothing buttery rich, mild scented, and provides superior moisturizing & anti-oxidant properties to keep healthy, silky and vital skin tone!

Essential Facts

  • Aroma Description:

    Floral Herbaceous Sweet

  • Common Name(s): Dog rose
  • Botanical Family: Rosaceae
  • Botanical Genus: Rosa
  • Major Compounds: Linoleic Acid (45.5%), alpha Linolenic Acid (35%), Palmitic Acid (3.2%), Palmitoleic Acid (0.10%), Stearic Acid (1.5%), Oleic Acid (13.7%), Arachidic acid (0.007%), Unsaponifiables (2.6%)
  • Consistency: Somewhat viscous liquid vegetal oil
  • Color: Golden orange, clear
  • Countries of Production: Bulgaria, Chile, Bosnia, Argentina or Lesotho
  • Indigenous Country: Chile, Bulgaria, or Germany
  • Processing Methods: CO2 Total Extracted Carrier Oil
  • Part Typically Used: Hips (fruit) or seeds
  • Storage: It's recommend to store Rosehip CO2 Total Extract Organic in a refrigerator and use within 1-2 years of the purchase date. It is normal for some crystallization to occur.
  • Shelf Life: May oxidize and go rancid with extended age, less stability than essential oils with high lipid cont
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced Ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Organic Organic
  • Vegan Vegan
  • Pregnancy Safe Considered safe when pregnant or nursing
  • Child Safe Child safe

Essential Details

Benefits & Uses

May be benefitial for addressing the following ailments:

Skin : All types

Therapeutic Benefits of Rosehip:

Anti-aging Anti-inflammatory Anti-oxidant Astringent

Other Uses for Rosehip:

Great to add to skin and hair care products such creams, lotions, salves, shampoos, conditioners, massage oils, etc..

Aromatherapy Cosmetics Hair Care Lip Care Massage Skin Care

Cautions & Safety

Safety Precautions for Rosehip:

No safety concerns with usage well-known.


History of Rosehip:

Egyptians, Mayans, and Native Americans have traditionally used therapeutic rose hips for centuries.


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