A-to-Z List Essential Oils from the Taxandria Species of Plants:

Species of the Taxandria genera:

  • Taxandria angustifolia
  • Taxandria callistachys
  • Taxandria conspicua
  • Taxandria conspicua subsp. abrupta
  • Taxandria conspicua subsp. conspicua
  • Taxandria floribunda
  • Taxandria fragrans
  • Taxandria inundata
  • Taxandria juniperina
  • Taxandria linearifolia
  • Taxandria marginata
  • Taxandria parviceps
  • Taxandria spathulata
  • Fragonia


    (Taxandria fragrans)

    Aroma Description: Possesses a beautiful, underlying citrus, floral and slightly woody character similar to eucalyptus oil