A-to-Z List Essential Oils from the Callitris Species of Plants:

Species of the Callitris genera:

  • Callitris baileyi
  • Callitris canescens
  • Callitris columellaris
  • Callitris drummondii
  • Callitris endlicheri
  • Callitris macleayana
  • Callitris monticola
  • Callitris muelleri
  • Callitris neocaledonica
  • Callitris oblonga
  • Callitris preissii
  • Callitris rhomboidea
  • Callitris roei
  • Callitris sulcata
  • Callitris verrucosa
  • Blue Cypress

    Blue Cypress

    (Callitris columellaris)

    Aroma Description: Sweet, fresh, fruity, mildly licorice-like, balsamic aroma with a resinous, faintly smoky undertone; has good tenacity, fixative properties and possesses notes that are reminiscent of lemon and cedar