A-to-Z List Essential Oils from the Brachylaena Species of Plants:

Species of the Brachylaena genera:

  • Brachylaena discolor
  • Brachylaena discolor var. mossambicensis
  • Brachylaena discolor var. rotundata
  • Brachylaena discolor var. transvaalensis
  • Brachylaena elliptica
  • Brachylaena glabra
  • Brachylaena huillensis
  • Brachylaena ilicifolia
  • Brachylaena merana
  • Brachylaena microphylla
  • Brachylaena neriifolia
  • Brachylaena perrieri
  • Brachylaena ramiflora
  • Brachylaena ramiflora var. bernieri
  • Brachylaena ramiflora var. comorensis
  • Brachylaena stellulifera
  • Brachylaena uniflora
  • Muhuhu (African Sandalwood)

    Muhuhu (African Sandalwood)

    (Brachylaena huillensis)

    Aroma Description: Balsamic, Cool, Earthy, Rich, Sensual, Slightly musky, Soft, Woody