A-to-Z List Essential Oils from the Cupressaceae Family of Plants:

Cupressaceae is a conifer family, the cypress family which include the junipers and redwoods, with a

They are monoecious, subdioecious or dioecious trees and shrubs up to 116 m tall.

Scientific Classification:

Plantae – plants, Planta, Vegetal, plants
Viridiplantae – green plants
Streptophyta – land plants
Tracheophyta – vascular plants, tracheophytes
Spermatophytina – spermatophytes, seed plants, phanérogames
Pinopsida – conifers

Scientific Classification:

  1. Domain: Eukarya – organisms with membraine-bound nucleuses
  2. Kingdom: Plantae – plants, Planta, Vegetal, plants
  3. Phylum: Tracheophyta – vascular plants, tracheophytes
  4. Class: Pinopsida
  5. Order: Pinales
  6. Family: Cupressaceae

Direct Children of Cupressaceae by Genus:

  • Actinostrobus
  • Athrotaxis
  • Austrocedrus
  • Callitris
  • Calocedrus
  • Chamaecyparis
  • Cryptomeria
  • Cunninghamia
  • Cupressus
  • Diselma
  • Fitzroya
  • Fokienia
  • Glyptostrobus
  • Juniperus
  • Libocedrus
  • Metasequoia
  • Microbiota
  • Neocallitropsis
  • Papuacedrus
  • Pilgerodendron
  • Platycladus
  • Sequoia
  • Sequoiadendron
  • Taiwania
  • Taxodium
  • Tetraclinis
  • Thuja
  • Thujopsis
  • Widdringtonia
  • Xanthocyparis
  • Alligator Juniper Wood

    Alligator Juniper Wood

    (Juniperus deppeana)

    Aroma Description: Fresh, Resinous, Rich, Warm, Woody

  • Araucaria


    (Neocallitropsis pancheri)

    Aroma Description: Green, fresh

  • Blue Cypress

    Blue Cypress

    (Callitris columellaris)

    Aroma Description: Sweet, fresh, fruity, mildly licorice-like, balsamic aroma with a resinous, faintly smoky undertone; has good tenacity, fixative properties and possesses notes that are reminiscent of lemon and cedar

  • Cade (Rectified)

    Cade (Rectified)

    (Juniperus oxycedrus)

    Aroma Description: Cade Essential Oil smells smoky. It is similar to the aroma of burning wood or tar.

  • Cedarwood, Port Orford

    Cedarwood, Port Orford

    (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana)

    Aroma Description: Coniferous, Earthy, Green, Herbaceous, Slightly sweet, Woody

  • Cedarwood, Texas

    Cedarwood, Texas

    (Juniperus monosperma)

    Aroma Description: Balsamic, Herbaceous, Slightly sweet, Woody

  • Cedarwood, Virginian

    Cedarwood, Virginian

    (Juniperus virginiana)

    Aroma Description: Astringent, Balsamic, Slightly sweet, woody. It strongly resembles the aroma of cedar chests and closets.

  • Cypress


    (Cupressus sempervirens)

    Aroma Description: Cypress Essential Oil smells fresh, herbaceous, woody and slightly coniferous in aroma.

  • Hinoki


    (Chamaecyparis obtusa)

    Aroma Description: Hinoki Essential Oil smells woody and sweet. The aroma varies between the wood, root and needle (leaf) oils.

  • Juniper Berry

    Juniper Berry

    (Juniperus communis)

    Aroma Description: Juniper Berry Essential Oil smells crisp, woody, sweet and earthy, with an almost hidden fruity note.

  • Juniper Leaves Only

    Juniper Leaves Only

    (Juniperus recurva)

    Aroma Description: Balsamic, Piney, Sweet, Warm, Woody

  • Juniper, One Seed

    Juniper, One Seed

    (Juniperus monosperma)

    Aroma Description: Astringent, Balsamic, Earthy, Fresh, Spicy

  • Juniper, Rocky Mount

    Juniper, Rocky Mount

    (Juniperus scopulorum)

    Aroma Description: Balsamic, Coniferous, Fresh, Piney, Slightly camphoraceous, Slightly sweet, Soft, Woody

  • Juniper, Utah

    Juniper, Utah

    (Juniperus osteosperma)

    Aroma Description: Balsamic, Camphoraceous, Coniferous, Fresh, Piney, Woody

  • Siam Wood

    Siam Wood

    (Fokienia hodginsii)

    Aroma Description: Exotic, Resinous, Rich, Sensual, Soft, Vanilla-like, Warm

  • Taiwan Hinoki

    Taiwan Hinoki

    (Chamaecyparis formosensis)

    Aroma Description: Woody, balsamic and sharp.

  • Thuja (White Cedar)

    Thuja (White Cedar)

    (Thuja occidentalis)

    Aroma Description: Camphoraceous, Coniferous, Cool, Earthy, Fresh, Slightly musky

  • Thuja, Red Cedarleaf

    Thuja, Red Cedarleaf

    (Thuja plicata)

    Aroma Description: Woody, Warm, Earthy